Living History Lectures ~ Tames Alan

Historical, educational, hysterical. One costumed woman tells you like it WAS.

Customs & Culture

Programs that cover a wide range of subjects.

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Ever wonder what Carson knows about setting the table or what recipes Mrs Patmore’s menu book contains? Explore the complexities of a Downton Abbey dinner.

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Enter the world behind the baize door at Downton Abbey and learn about the people who kept the great houses running, from Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes, who commanded the world downstairs, all the way down to Daisy, the lowly kitchen maid.

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The simple stealing of women to get a mate eventually evolved into the often complex rituals of marriage. Walk down the wedding aisle and learn where many of our most-cherished customs originated.

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Ever wonder where some of our Christmas traditions come from? In the spirit of Little House on the Prairie, explore the Christmas traditions the pioneers brought with them during the time of the great westward expansion.

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Take an adventure through the heavens as Tames brings to life the stories of how the heroes of Ancient Greece became immortalized in the constellations we view today.


Want to know what it was like to train for the ancient Olympics, what the opening ceremonies were like, or how the ancient Greeks celebrated their victorious athletes? Tames takes you on a guided tour behind the scenes of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.

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“What do the simple folk do?” was once asked in Camelot. The answer: They sing and dance for pleasure. This is a participatory program for all ages, where the singing of rousing rounds and dancing a simple English country dance combined with historical fact and storytelling give an experience of how the common folk entertained themselves throughout most of history.