Food in the Ancient World

Food historian Tames Alan brings to life her vast knowledge of the ancient world and culinary experience. Have you ever wondered what a feast for the pharaohs was like, or what was fed to an Olympic champion? Learn what was standard rations in the Roman legions and how religion plays a part in food with the Hebrew culture. This program will also give insight into the coffee rituals of the Arabic people and the liturgy of a Byzantine meal.

In these two one-hour programs, Tames takes the audience on a culinary journey through the ancient world. Topics covered are what was eaten, how it was served, and any special rituals attached to that particular culture. The first part covers the Egyptian Epicurean, the Gracious Greeks, the Ravenous Romans, and the Plentiful Persians. The second part covers the Arabic culture, the Hebrew culture, and the Bodacious Byzantines.