Recipe of the Month

Every month, Tames posts a new, authentic historic recipe. Get a little taste of history!

August 2017 Roasted Chickpeas

July 2017 Broccoli Bacon Salad

June 2017 Spinach Salad

May 2017 Medieval Salmon with Wine Sauce

April 2017 Egyptian Hamine Eggs

March 2017 Baroque Lamb Chops à la Provençale

February 2017 Elizabethan Posset

January 2017 Victorian White Soup a la Reine

December 2016 Irish Whiskey Cake

November 2016 Spiced Port Wine Jelly

October 2016 Victorian Roast Quail with Grapes

September 2016 Adasi Persian Lentil Dip

August 2016 Curry Spice Mix

July 2016 Chicken Salad

June 2016 Egyptian Radish Salad

May 2016 Tames’ Lemon Shrimp

April 2016 Creamy Asparagus Soup

March 2016 Pistachio Cream

February 2016 Kotópoulo Stíthos Yemistó me Kasséri

(Greek Chicken Breast Stuffed with Kaseri Cheese)

January 2016 Victorian Sausage Rolls

December 2015 Chocolate Guinness Cake with

Bailey’s Meringue Buttercream Frosting

November 2015 Victorian Gratin Dauphinois

October 2015 Medieval Golden Pork Meatballs with Fried Apples

September 2015 Khoresh-e hulu (Persian Peach Stew)

August 2015 Persian Advieh Spice Blend

July 2015 Tames’ Summer Shrimp Salad

June 2015 Tabboule

May 2015 Magic Cake

April 2015 Medieval Herbed Eggs

March 2015 Bacon, Cheddar, Chive Biscuits

February 2015 Greek Rabbit Braised with White Wine and Rosemary (Kounelli me Dendrolivano)

January 2015 Potato Leek Soup

December 2014 Butter Pecan Cookies

November 2014 Victorian Lemon Chicken

October 2014 Greek Pork Braised in Red Wine (Hirinó Krasáto)

September 2014 Cherokee Bean Balls

August 2014 Arabic Baharat Spice Blend

July 2014 Bacon Wrapped Dates

June 2014 Byzantine Fried Fish with Oranges and Lemons

May 2014 Charlotte Russe

April 2014 French Onion Soup

March 2014 Parmesan Eggs

February 2014 Victorian Bubble and Squeak

January 2014 Chicken Paprika

December 2013 Rum Cookies

November 2013 Balsamic-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

October 2013 Elizabethan Roast Pork with Raisins and Rosemary Stuffing, and Apple Sauce

September 2013 Zahara

August 2013 Cajun Spice Blend

July 2013 Curry Chicken Salad

June 2013 Féta Mezés (Greek Feta Cheese Spread)

May 2013 Asparagus Pudding

April 2013 Greek Roast Leg of Lamb (Boúti Arnioú Psitó)

March 2013 Spinach and Date Fritters

February 2013 Lombard Slices

January 2013 Poulet á la Marengo

December 2012 Mandelbrot

November 2012 Chicken with Whole Wheat Kernels (Ferique Firakh)

October 2012 Crème Princesse Soup

September 2012 Golden Leeks and Onions

August 2012 Greek Marinated Shrimp (Garíthes Marinátes)

July 2012 Omelets with Rum

June 2012 Hummus

May 2012 Maple Mustard Salmon

April 2012 Fried Artichokes

March 2012 Pistachio Soup

February 2012 Flan

January 2012 Welsh Rabbit

December 2011 Melópitta (Greek honey and cheese cake)

November 2011 Squash soup

October 2011 Nadi (meat with nuts)

September 2011 Buttered Onions and Apples

August 2011 Barbeque Spice Blend

July 2011 Tzatziki

June 2011 Yogurt Cake

May 2011 Lemon Pasta

April 2011 Shrimp Wontons

March 2011 Spinach soup

February 2011 Couscous

January 2011 Meat and Date Pottage

December 2010 Greek Almond Cookies

November 2010 Cranberry Sauce

October 2010 Mushroom Soup

September 2010 Fish Roll Ups

August 2010 Lemon Sorbet

July 2010 Lettuce Wraps