The Myth Makers of Ancient Civilization (Ancient Greece)

Tames Alan is an actress, historian, and instructor who has combined her skills to create an educational Program for people of all ages. In this program, she appears in authentic Classical Greek costume and begins with a discussion of the ancient Minoan sea kings. She then discusses the Mycenaean culture and the Trojan War before comparing both cultures to that of the Classical Greeks, covering such topics as theater, religion, mythology, and the role of women and children in society.

This interdisciplinary program also combines art and theater with history. After the students receive paper and pencil, Tames assumes poses copied from ancient Greek pottery. During each 30-second pose, the students learn the basics of figure drawing, learning how to draw the spine and limbs to create quick sketches of a human figure.

This program is suitable for elementary grades on up. It has been given as a general history program, a cultural background program for students of ancient myths, and as a clothing program for costume and design students. The program is especially beneficial for college-level art and history students because of the hands-on experience they gain concerning the Classical Greek era. It is also a fun cultural event for adults interested in art or for anyone who loves history and clothing.

Tames studied theater and history at Willamette University in Oregon, and theater at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and Dell Arte School in California. Throughout her theatrical career, she maintained her interest in history and costuming. For ten years she worked as a professional artist’s model, often utilizing her extensive collection of historically accurate costumes. Tames has taught fashion history at the Art Institute of Seattle, offering a class that combined fashion history, social history, and women’s studies. More recently, she has been a speaker for the Washington State Commission for the Humanities in their Inquiring Minds series.