Costumed Programs

Historical, educational, hysterical. One costumed woman tells you like it WAS.

Using historically accurate costumes as a vehicle, Tames provides educational entertainment covering social history—what people ate, what they wore, what it was like to go to the doctor. In many of these programs, Tames comes out in the skivvies of the time period and dresses in front of the audience. Focusing on daily life and women’s issues, these programs bring to life what it was like to live in another era.

Women at the Western Front

Ever wonder what hello girls, canaries, and the rose of No Man’s Land have to do with World War One? Dressed as an ambulance driver for the Motor Corps, I discuss the various work women did at the Western Front during the War to End All Wars.

You've Come a Long Way

The years between 1912 and 1927 saw some of the biggest changes for women in all of history. They went from being literally hobbled by society and their clothing to the freedom of the flappers in the space of 15 years. Wearing four historically accurate costumes, complete with undergarments, Tames takes you on an amazing journey that highlights the beginning of women’s emancipation.


Soldiers in Petticoats: The Struggles of the Suffragettes

In this program I appear in the authentic costume of a suffragette and talk about the struggle of American women to gain the right to vote. I discuss the impact of the 14th Amendment and how the suffragettes influenced child labor laws and other major issues of their era.

The Intrepid Victorian Traveler

In this five-costume program, I present a look into the clothing and lifestyle of a Victorian woman during the mid-1850s through the early 1860s. I discuss travel through the day, travel through society, and travel in general, which really opened up in the 19th century.


In Service: Life Downstairs

In this program, I wear an authentic parlor maid’s costume and talk about what it was like to live and work downstairs in a late-Victorian house. I explain the complicated hierarchy between upper and lower servants, everyone’s duties, the loneliness of a half-day off, and give a lively account of high jinks downstairs that accompanied the long hours of drudgery.

From the Streets of Shakespeare to the Court of Elizabeth

In this two-costume program, I present a look into the lives of the working class and the nobility during the time of Shakespeare. I discuss what these people ate, wore, and what it was like to go to the doctor.


From the Streets of Rome to the Provinces of an Empire

In this program, I appear in the authentic clothing of a Roman matron and give a short social history of what it was like to be alive in Imperial Rome.

Learning Among the Oak Groves: A Look at Celtic Life

In this program, I appear in authentic Celtic costume and talk about what it was like to live in ancient Britain at the time of the Roman invasion. I explain the hierarchy of the Celtic tribe and the binding factors between the tribes — the Druids and Bards.


The Myth Makers of Ancient Civilization (Ancient Greece)

In this interdisciplinary program, I appear in authentic classical Greek costume and combine art, theater, and dance with history.

Women of the Ancient World

A three-part program featuring the role and rights of women in ancient Crete and Classical Greece, ancient Rome, and Celtic society.