Tames’ Summer Shrimp Salad (download printable PDF)


1 lb. uncooked shelled shrimp (30-40 count size)
1 Lime
½ of an avocado
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt (optional)


Cutting board
citrus reamer
Mixing bowl
Plastic wrap

Juice the lime. Shell the shrimp. Bring water to boil in the cookpot and add salt. Add shrimp to boiling water and cook for 45-60 seconds. Strain the shrimp in the colander and cool with cold running water. Cooked shrimp can be bought in the fish department of the grocery store. The dish can be prepared up to this point in advance. Dice half of an avocado. Place the shrimp, lime juice, and avocado in the mixing bowl and mix well. Add salt and/or Lawry’s Seasoned Salt to taste. Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving, preferable overnight. The longer the shrimp “marinate” the better they will taste. Serve with crisp lettuce leaves.